What a Video can do for you!

Videos are a great way to connect on a personal level with your client. With help from YouTube, it is easy to make your company’s high quality, professional looking video accessible to all markets. Video show what photos cannot, showing your customer exactly what they can expect.

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-Free Advertising on YouTube:

Since your video can be uploaded to YouTube, there is no cost to you for placing the video on the internet. Once on YouTube, the video can be viewed by anyone and everyone!

-Speak Directly to Potential Clients:

Videos open the door to you speaking directly to your customers. This gives you competitive advantage and a chance to build customer loyalty before even meeting them.

-Show HD video of your Product:

Farm Boy Productions has the ability to shoot and produce High Definition videos in many different formats. HD is cutting edge and as good as you can get!

-Gain Customers Attention:

The video on YouTube can gain the attention of customers in a way that no other median can. YouTube videos are easily shared between customers and attention can spread quickly.

what videos can do for you

In 2013 Farm Boy Productions created 75 Agriculture Career Profile Videos for OAFE - in the aim of educating students about agriculture as a whole.



This is a project I worked on in the Winter of 2009 with 4-H Ontario.


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